Tips To Find The Right Hair Restoration Surgeon

At present, the field of surgical hair restoration in the US is completely unregistered either by the medical community or by the government. Any licensed physician in the country can legally conduct this cosmetic surgery without any accreditation or prior surgical training. Indeed, any physician, DO or MD can legally pick up a scalpel and proclaim him/herself a professional hair transplant surgeon. Nevertheless, there a few extremely gifted and ethical surgeons performing hair restoration surgery in the country. The hardest part is finding one of these professionals. Here are some tips that can guide you and for the best hair transplant surgeons in Atlanta georgia click here, Here are your tips:

Check with the IAHRS

The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons is an excellent place to begin your search. You can visit their website to check if a prospective hair transplant surgeon is a member of this organization. The IAHRS is a consumer organization that screens ethical and skilled hair restoration surgeons selectively. It recognizes that not all surgeons are equal in their techniques and skills. It does not have an open membership to any physician practicing hair transplant surgery. You can trust that any hair transplant surgeon who is a member of this organization is credible.

Consider surgical techniques

Once you decide you are going to have a hair transplant, one of the most crucial decision to make is the type of hair transplant technique to use. There are two main surgical techniques. The first is Follicular Unit Transportation, where the surgical team harvests the donor hair using a long, narrow strip. The second is Follicular Unit Extraction, where the doctor extracts donor hair as individual follicular units. Both techniques have their strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, if you choose a surgeon specializing on only one procedure, he/she will likely be biased. Hence, before settling on a doctor, get a balanced view from doctors on different sides of the table, and then choose one who specializes on the technique you have chosen.

Avoid referrals from your family physician or hair stylist

Generally, most people find it easier to look for hair transplant through a referral from their general practitioner, dermatologist or even hair stylists. While this makes more sense than flipping through the yellow pages or browsing online, you need to tread carefully. While these individuals may mean well, the fact is that they know almost nothing of the scope and pitfalls of this serious cosmetic surgery. Additionally, in most instances, hair stylists receive handsome compensation from hair restoration surgeons for referrals so their motives may not be entirely genuine.

Avoid practices that advertize via TV infomercials

First, you want to stay clear of large hair transplant groups that contract or employ physicians to conduct the procedure under a common umbrella. You should also avoid groups that advertise their hair transplant services through television. Just because these groups can sway public opinion through costly and flashy TV, radio and print marketing does not mean they have superior surgical skills. In fact, most experts in the field consider these groups to be hair mills, because what matters to them most is their bottom line. For the best hair transplant atlanta surgeon be sure to click.